Music in the Mews

Bedlam's musical mascot, a young cat called Theo Jackson, has recently signed to cool NY jazz label, Dot Time Records. To mark this, we will have our first “Son et Fou-miere" at the Mews, when Theo will perform his recently released album “Shoeless & the Girl”. To promote it, he is doing a little tour performing his music in strange contexts, and non so strange as the Bedlam atelier. He will bring a keyboard, a bassman and someone to stroke the skins. We’re asking if people might kindly bring a bottle of plonk to please Apollo, Deus of da Groove, and we shall see what happens. We would ask you for an RSVP to so's we might get a sense of the invasion! 

Here are some reviews of Theo’s album: 

‘One of the most interesting jazz vocalists and composers to emerge on the British scene in recent years, Jackson can flit between ballads and rapid-fire scatting in the blink of an eye’  The Daily Telegraph

★★★★★ ‘Shoeless and the Girl is as close to perfection as a debut will ever be’ UKVibe

‘A genuine jazz talent… it is safe to say he has a bright future’  Jazz Journal

‘Listen out for Jackson’s beguiling song-writing skills delivered via his strong earthly vocals and alluring charm’  Time Out London

'Theo Jackson's second album, Shoeless And The Girl, is an old-fashioned kind of record. That's "old-fashioned" as in melodic, swinging, understated, lyrically engaging—old-fashioned in a really good way.' All About Jazz