Civilised, nous??

We are simultaneously delighted and astonished to be included in an exhibition currently celebrating London culture at the Museum of Civilisation in Quebec, Canada.

For this honour, we must thank Genevieve Borne who was invited to curate examples of the way our great city fulfils the senses - and the fine quality of our fabrics was deemed to be a treat for connoisseurs of the touchy feely. Genevieve  - who put the Belle into hit Canadian TV music show, "Belle et Bum" - had been invited a year previously to compile her guide to London by a Canadian publisher who had the clever idea of asking respected types for their insider tips on their favourite city.  We were puffed to find ourselves in that, and have received Canadian tourists at the studio as a result, again to our delight and astonishment!

Genevieve wore our coronet t-shirt to the opening night which is being stocked at the Museum store whilst the exhibition is on (it runs until March 2019).

Genevieve Borne Reasons to Love London book.jpg